We are so excited and proud to announce that our first sourcebook has finally launched!!!

Nearly one hundred and forty pages of beautifully illustrated 5E content is just a few clicks away! 

The book features:

  • Vivid detailed histories with dozens of plot hooks to start your World of Tele'Thala D&D campaign.

  • Details about the world including the gods and other power that hold sway of the Tele'Thalian multiverse

  • Great new optional rules for your D&D game including, a new subclass, a new sub-race, and much more 

  • Magic items, artifacts and monster

And introducing "High Magic" 

Ever wonder how that floating island started to float? or how that spell caster controlled that Titan....even if just for a few moments? 

Well we have created great new mechanics that make those concepts part of the game. These mechanics include:

  • High Magic Feats

  • High Magic Rituals

So please, click the link and give the Tele'Thala World Sourcebook a look see!


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